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Posted by LeeH on 2018-06-30 23:11:16

There are a few times when everything comes together.
1. You get an invitation to fish somewhere you can't fish without an invitation.
2. The weather is great.
3. The timing of the trip hits the migration at the top of the run.
4. You and your buddies are the ONLY people within 30 miles!
5. ....well you get the idea!

This trip was THAT trip.
There is one lodge on lake "X", the lodge owner is retired, and only invites a few buddies out to fish, DIY, and my old fishing buddy, Mike Scott, was one of those guys. I was fortunate to be invited along.

Sockeye smolt, growing all winter, were ready to start their long journey to the ocean, but a gauntlet of lake trout would be waiting for them before entering the river.

This was the scene:
I was able to wade the shoreline, and cast top water flies to the drop off, intercepting the 6 to 10 lb. lakers. The top water explosions were heart stopping!

The last evening, I was also able to hike to, and wade the huge, shallow, sandy flat, where the lake drains into the river. It was epic!
An "East Coast Striper Blitz" might be the best way to describe the melee, as 6 to 20 lb. lake trout blasted the helpless smolt! Once I could get my fly in front of the lakers, a huge explosion would result with an angry laker headed for deep water!

I can still see the big wake pushing toward my fly, at least 20 feet away. As it rushed my fly, the huge laker jumped, or porpoised, into the air, and crashed down on my Floating Minnow! I knew this was the big fish I had been looking for, all week! The big trout ripped off at least 100 yards of backing, and it took some time to finally guide the fish to shore, for a quick picture and release.

I just sat there shaking, and grateful, for this amazing experience.

You see more pictures, and read more about my trip on my blog:


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