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Posted by GES on 2018-06-07 17:28:16 in reply to Remembering Lefty posted by Rod Harrison on 2018-06-06 19:55:18

A lot of Lefty fans were unaware of his military service; he like most of those members of the greatest generation, did not like to talk about it.

But once when we were sharing a few private moments, and I was explaining to him how the rolling fly cast line was just like the caterpillar tank tracks, with the top of the track moving forward at twice the speed of the tank, while the bottom of the tread was stationary on the ground, Lefty told me of his time spent in a fox hole in muddy wet snow, during the battle of the bulge, while on-coming German tanks were moving all around.

I felt privileged that he would share those memories with me.

But I always try to get veterans to tell of their days in the various services.

We must never forget, what they did for us, and for the freedom to go out and fish.

Lefty understood immediately the tank tread analogy to the fly cast. And of course he could roll them out there as well as any Panza.

Thanks for sharing, Lefty.


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