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Posted by Howard Brown on 2018-05-14 08:49:46

I just returned from a week of fly fishing with Capt. Bill Blanton in Florida. We spent four days fishing the Everglades and two days fishing Pine Island Sound. Capt. Bill is a blast to fish with, a hard worker and full of stories about the area. Fishing was poor in general but we did manage a few fish. I highly recommend a trip with him. Here is the assessment of the fishing that I received from Capt. Bill after I returned home:

"Howard & Larry:

Thanks for the days. I enjoyed fishing with you and was really impressed by your perseverance in the face of such bad conditions. I’m sorry the catching wasn’t better, but it sure wasn’t for lack of trying on your parts. Or mine either, as far as that goes.

I think the problem was weak tides and strong winds, primarily out of the northeast. The weak tide (Monday was the quarter moon), kept the fish from being as aggressive as they might be ordinarily, and the strong winds upset the habitat. I can’t even remember how many spots we tried to get into and had to turn back. I think in many instances the fish had pretty much left the flats and headed to deeper water.

On Sunday, when Larry caught his snook and we cast to black drum, the wind had momentarily shifted to the southwest. That was also the day we saw the big redfish on the sandy flat in Alligator Bay.

A friend of mine flew the coast near Boca Grande on Thursday, the first day we staked out for tarpon. He shot the picture below, which shows a train of tarpon cruising along. I’ve cropped the photo so the fish show up better, but in the uncropped version, there’s a lot more water showing, which suggests the tarpon train was pretty far offshore.

Best to both. Hope your other fishing goes well.


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