Mystery atoll off South Andros, Bahamas?

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Posted by Hugh Levine on 2018-05-11 08:49:57

In 2002 I fished out of Bonefish Bay Lodge near Kemp's Bay on South Andros. On our final day our guide said we would be making a long run southwest to a special place. We ran for about an hour, passing over many good bonefish flats and getting into deeper and deeper water. We ran so far over deep water that no land was visible in the direction we were heading. Finally some mangroves appeared in the distance which our guide announced was where we were going. As we got much closer the place appeared to be an atoll, similar to the Marquesas but smaller. The guide pointed out a large dark spot in the center of the atoll over a sandy bottom. I asked if that was bottom. "No, mon," he replied, "dat is bonefish." Sure enough, when we got closer we saw a huge (like half-acre huge) baitball of bonefish, being herded by cudas and sharks. We began casting into the baitball, and hooked up repeatedly before our flies got even near the bottom. At least half the time we reeled in bones that had been chopped in half by cudas. This went on for hours.

That baitball contained more bonefish than I have seen in all my years of fishing. The guide said it was there almost every time he went to the atoll. I asked him what was the place's name and he said "Leaf Key." I was pretty sure that wasn't true, since Leaf Key actually is in a completely different part of the Bahamas.

I've always wondered what that atoll really was. Anyone have the answer?

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