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Posted by Jeff Jacoby on 2018-05-10 23:57:35 in reply to Re: Sturgeon on the fly! posted by Bob Arwine on 2018-05-10 19:02:10

Thanks Bob!
I was using an 8 weight rod with the Airflo sniper line and 15 lb Maxima for leader. I had just lost a really good striper that came unbuttoned as he was streaming away at top speed. Maybe three or four casts later a got a grab and set, but all I felt was a slow pull- like when you hang up on a tree limb. I lifted and it would give a little, then pull back down. All of a sudden he decided it was showtime and took off and did a slow roll. We caught a glimpse of the silhouette and figured it to be about a 40 lb striper. As we drifted with him he rolled again and we realized it was a sturgeon. At that point I considered clamping down and busting him off so I can get back in the game- like I’ll do occasionally when I hook the incidental salmon when I’m steelhead fishing . But I figured he wasn’t too big (measured out at 50”) and I might have a chance, so what the hell. After about 30 minutes he tired out and we managed to wrestle him in the boat for a quick photo and released him back into the river.
Glad I gave it a shot; it makes for a story I won’t forget anytime soon.

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