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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2018-05-10 21:40:21

Well this week the "Gentle Delta Breeze" was something that made fishin' interesting. Monday, I travelled solo 1.75 hours West to find zero fish West. The rest of the day was spent hitting every HPS that I knew. I did not start finding Stripers until I got back into the middle Delta. Char/white 3-D Clousers, Discs and a fast sinking line, 11 to the boat. The largest was 21 inches. Today, Larry and I stayed mid to a little South Delta. We did not do well on Stripers, only 5 to the boat the largest was about 22 inches. After spending about 3 hours hoping for Stripers we changed over to floating lines and banged the shores for LMB's. We both did ok with flies that ran on, to just a little below, the surface. I started with a 3/4 inch Pulse Disc and the catchin' started quickly. Larry hung in there without a disc however conceded after my results. The "W" dictated where we could throw our flies without whacking ourselves in the head or some other body location. So. 20 LMB's to the boat. MANY missed fish and lookers and ones that wanted to have long range releases. Several of these LMB's went over 5 pounds and a bunch were over 3 pounds which was fun. I am voting for LESS "W"..........

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