Rio Shooting Heads Nearly Three Times Overlined

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Posted by Donald on 2018-05-08 15:07:23

Rio's Short Outbound are 30 foot heads that are three line sizes above the AFTM line recommendations for rods.

Standard formulation for shooting heads is 30 feet or so of head 2 line weights above your rod. Peninsula Fly Fishers provided this helpful table on the line weight in grains as follows:

7-Weight 185
8-Weight 210
9-Weight 240
10-Weight 280
11-Weight 330
12-Weight 380

So for your 8 weight you would go with the ten weight, 280 grains. Rio's Outbound Short for 8 weight is listed as 315 grains. Rio's Outbound Short for 7 weight is 265 grains.

Why does RIO do this and do people who use these heads find them useful? I don't see the benefit of overlining when it comes to shooting heads at all. I get overlining one weight with a full line, but this nearly triple over-lining to me seems to really be unneccesary.

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