Found On Shores of SF Bay: Thermometer and Nippers

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Posted by StrugglingSeminaryStudent on 2018-05-07 00:14:31

Today I found a choice item sitting on a rock along the bay. A vintage, classic, heirloom Fishpond thermometer and a very useful set of nippers coated with some grip-aiding blue rubbery latex, attached to a key ring which itself is attached to a well-worn grey and green nylon braided nylon rope with some classic whipped loops on either end each of which are attached to the key ring. Bringing to mind the beautiful vistas of the McCloud River, or the Housatonic, or the chilly foggy locales of coastal California, this is a well-cared for item of great value to any discriminating fly fisher. I would like to start the bidding on these at $35 if Dan B. is ok with that?

Just kidding. The owner of these hopefully knows where I found these. If so, reply indicating that you know where I found them, avoiding any spot burning information not that it matters the fishing is not very good around there despite the posts on here touting the SF Bay fishing, and I'll describe where I secreted them for you to collect.

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