San Luis Friday 5/4 with grandson, Brad

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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2018-05-05 11:56:24

Finally the wind laid down and I was able to get out on San Luis reservoir for the first time in more than a month with my grandson, Brad Martin. After six days of winds gusting over 30, shutting down the lake to boaters the lake turned to glass. However, as is typical after prolonged banshee winds, the fish and bait were scatted and while the fishing was wonderful the catching was tough. I was really proud of Brad's casting. He was bombing them out there and fishing very well (first time out in more than a year). He got a few bumps but no fish and I only scored two small fish. Most of the regulars who were fly-fishing had tough fishing as well.

I've lost so much weight, my fishing shirt looks like it was made by Omar the tent maker... ;-).

Catching should improve if we can get a few days of light to no wind on the lake. Had a great time otherwise and I'm looking forward to getting out with Brad again soon. Oh, I've got three new, smaller-size Columbia Bonehead fishing shirts coming...


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