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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2018-05-05 10:07:05

So there are Stripers, LMB's, SMB's and other fish to play with out in the Delta. Trollers, jig fishers, bait and fly fishers are finding fish.... BUT FIRST --- Thursday, I witnessed the poor luck of a troller that ran his boat onto the rock pile South of Seven Mile Slough. He was just getting his big 225 motor up to expose a folded up stainless prop when I was passing. I turned around to ask if he was OK, and he said that he would get back with his kicker... He said that there should be a hazard bouy, to which I agreed.. Go to 2013-11-21 Delta Hazards-- LOOK at Dans comment and photos. So Catchin' Monday with Mark Van Hoomissen 4 Stripers to the boat. Mark caught them all. Intermediate sink line with a flashy fly. Mid Delta. Thursday, North Solo 11 Stripers 1 SMB. Five of these Stripers were caught in succession. Of these five the smallest was 24 inches and the largest was just over 31 inches. Char/white 3-D Clouser. I took photos BUT I can't download them as I left my cable in Green Bay!! Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Gamez a gear guide, before the sun came up. He and his five clients caught some very nice Stripers trolling West. Two ten pounders and one twenty-five pounder plus several smaller ones. One of his clients shoved his camera in my face and was enthusiastic, over the top, to show me the photos.. Friday, 14 Stripers 9 LMB's and 1 snagged Shad. The largest Striper was 23 inches. Char/white 3-D Clouser. So there are fish to be caught. They are all over the place.. NO concentrations though...

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