Any Right To Use Calif Public Easements During Closed Hours?

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Posted by Janus E on 2018-04-12 14:34:02

California has an array of laws granting public access rights to use navigable waters for fishing. Many pieces of private property along navigable waters have public shore or public access parks and pathways, open to the public. But many of these parks and pathways have signage saying "Public Access Open Sunrise to Sunset".

Question: is there any legal right or law allowing anglers to use these public access paths and parks to access navigable waters during closed hours? For example, I am thinking that while a path or park may be closed, could you still use it simply to walk into a navigable waterway?

I'm not interested in interpretations of the law. Mainly looking for established law or rights or precedents that are rock solid either way.

In case people are interested in learning more about the public access issue, here is a booklet from the State Land Commission that covers the various laws and issues and rights involved.

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