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Our guide explained the wage structure possessed a high tax in their country. In order to skirt the tax, wages are low. Tips are what they work for the most part. Of course, everyone that you come into contact with is providing you a service in hopes that you will tip in kind as well. This includes your housekeeper, wait staff and even the cook. At the end of your stay, even the manager is expecting you to tip him. It is a little disheartening that the economics of the country carries you just so far. One is left with developing a side hustle in order to do better than just survive. If you get a chance to walk around on your own in Havana, you will be approached, greeted and told a story. It is probably the most subtle, yet sophisticated form of panhandling I have encountered.

Your guide has needs just like anyone else. In the end, you have to decide what your guide's time was worth. Know ahead of time that their livelihood is derived directly through you paying for their service. CUCs (tourist dollars) have an equal exchange rate with USD.

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