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Posted by Ralph on 2018-04-11 18:28:10 in reply to What's wrong with my casting technique? posted by Adam on 2018-04-11 07:27:58

I have the same "problem" when casting with a swing stroke rather than a straight back and forth. There are times I want to maintain contact (tension) with the fly and use a Belgian Swing which is nothing more than a slight ellipses or oval in the line's path. As the casting hand moves forward it drifts ever so slightly to the right (if you're right handed). If you cut that oval off by stopping the stroke, the tip of the line will continue to hook to the right, just as your rod tip told it to do. You can either concentrate on a straight back and forth stroke, or simply aim a little left of the target to compensate for the hook. It is a great cast for intentionally hooking your fly around a rock or distant current.

Just about every casting fault can be corrected by going back to the basics. Do a roll cast to straighten things out then do a simple pick up and lay down. Next do the same with a single false cast with an absolute minimum of energy. Slowly increase your distance. When the hook appears in your line, go back a step and see what just changed. As someone noted, a video selfie is easy to do and will open up your eyes to the fact what you think you are doing, probably isn't what you are actually doing.

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