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Posted by ScottJaunich on 2018-02-13 17:24:56

I grew up with you but you didn't know it. I learned to fly fish biking to the Palo Alto sloughs to fish stripers on the docks and walls. I read your books and articles and envisioned the "what ifs." I tied ugly flies that I hoped would look like yours. They got bit. Now, many years later, having met you in passing sport shows and club events over the years, I am grateful. You defined the sport well.

As my kids have moved through Annapolis, I have developed a fondness for the Chesapeake. I just uncovered this article that made me wish I would have the opportunity to know you better.


I hope you are doing well, but know that your legacy is deep. Be well, my friend, and know that you have left me and a myriad of souls who aspire to what to you have obtained, for no one has done more for any sport than you have done, with a grace and passion and honesty that will not be replicated. Best wishes and prayers.

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