Winter Steelheaders

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Posted by Greg Mau on 2018-02-09 23:15:00 in reply to Steelheading the Olympic Pennisula posted by Mark Kuipers on 2018-02-05 15:09:29

It was once thought that a fly caught winter fish required about 40 hours... and THAT was back when there were many more fish around. In any case... That number change drastically as nymphing became more and more popular.

You don't go after winter steelhead with a fly, on the swing, because you want to catch a lot of fish... you do it because you enjoy the challenges of iced guides, breath thawed fingers, and toes without feeling. You do it because of the solitude, your personal portable jacket and wader enclosed environment, and knowing that you are in a place and time that few others have the fortitude or the fortune to experience. You do it because you know that all the hours you put in will make a lost grab that much more painful. You do it because, deep inside, you are unreasonably hopeful and unshakably confident.

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