San Luis Yesterday with Jay Remley

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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2018-02-07 14:37:56

Jay and I got out on the big lake yesterday, launching about 9:15, only 7 boats ahead of us at the Dino ramp. It was a gorgeous, summer-like day with only a slight breeze out of the east. It was Jay's first fishing outing of the New Year.

We started out hitting some spots where I'd scored before but drew a blank on the first two. Jay finally scored a fish on one flooded tree that usually held a fish or two, and quickly scored another on another willow barely sticking out of the water. He was using a small white/yellow Clouser style fly.

It took me awhile to score but I finally did. After that I had a severe case of the "dropsies" - dropped three nice fish in a row. One was when Jay and I had a double going. I rarely drop fish on a jig hook but the fish were deep and we had to do a lot of drop backs, sometimes up to 5 seconds, 3 or 4 times a retrieve to get bit. They were holding deep over totally submerged trees. They weren't really slamming the fly and turning - just sucking it in and we'd come tight. I think this may have been part of the problem: the fish eating the fly, coming up from below and then not turning. Dropped a nice 8 or so pounder right at the leader so I consider that a landed fish - sort of... grin.

My little Darting Jig Hook Face Mask Minnow in the herring color was working for me. I stuck 5 and landed 3 if you count the leadered fish. Jay landed 4 nice, medium-all-purpose fish. All of our stripers were legal size and put up a good scrap.

It was fun to get out with Jay. We hadn't shared a skiff in almost a year and it had been a long while since Jay fished San Luis Reservoir.

Let's not wait so long before doing it again Jay-bird!


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