Delta Catchin' 01/ 29 - 30 02/02

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2018-02-02 20:31:53

MAN O MAN a bunch of time was put in this week. Monday I was out with Mark Van Hoomissen, Tuesday with Larry. During both these days we covered a bunch of the Delta to only get four Stripers to the boat each day. I kept trying to pull a rabbit out of my hat...BUT..I could not find the rabbit...HA! Today, I was out with Larry again and we covered a monster amount of the Delta. HPS's that normally will hold some Stripers were devoid of them. We did find a few in new places, but again most of out normal HPS's produced goose eggs. Larry used Char/White 3D Clousers all day. I changed to a dark gray over light gray 3D Clouser which did get a very small amount of attention... 11 Stripers to the boat today... In an effort to have something to remember the day, Larry took the photo of the "Largest" Striper of the week!! HA!!

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