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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2018-02-01 15:02:40

I hope I don't offend anyone but I want to clarify that I don't like gluing eyes directly to hair or fiber. I don't like fishing with flies with eyes glued directly to the hair or fiber. I don't care what kind of glue is use the eyes will fall off or will be torn off after a few fish. Accordingly I use metal dumbbell eyes like Spirit River Reel Eyes that are securely wrapped on or I will glue 3-D eyes to something substantial like a head of chenille, Mylar tubing coated with epoxy like a Sea Habit or the best thing I've found lately is using a Fish Mask Head with eye recessions that will really hold the eyes on if a good adhesive is used, the likes of Liquid Fusion. Jonny King turned my on to this glue - works great.

The fly shown here has landed over 100 stripers from 10 inches to 23-pounds and is still in good enough shape to catch more, although I've retired it after that big Moe. Fish Mask head are a bit expensive but they are worth every dime to me since the fly/eyes will last so long. I like a fly that will catch a 100-plus fish and still looks good and keeps on tick`n. :-)

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