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Posted by Mark V on 2018-01-12 18:41:26

Well our outing on San Luis Reservoir yesterday was tough. The weather was great, no fog at dawn and the water temp as we left the ramp was 58 degF! That's at least 4 degrees warmer than I'd expected, and over 10 degrees warmer than the delta so I thought those stripers would be in a mood to search and destroy our flies. (three guys casting) The water was mostly quite clear and warmed up to almost 60 degF by 2pm.
Bruce caught 3 stripers ranging 18"-23", I caught 1 striper 22 1/2", and Mike hooked 2 decent stripers that got off before we saw them. That was it! It was the first time fishing SLR for both friends.
We didn't catch or mark fish along the dam wall, which was a shock; very different from the last times I fished there. Where we did mark fish often they were way too deep for us to catch, or they just didn't respond to our flies as usual.
Main factors why it was such a tough day... a breeze was mostly non-existent; less than 2 mph. Because of the very calm condition we had to rely on the elec trolling motor, and Bruce's new Minn Kota Riptide motor still has a faulty controller. Minn Kota has sent hime a new circuitboard 3 times, but the third one cannot hold a solid Autopilot course, it keeps wigging out, jiggering back & forth. We couldn't use Autopilot and that made controlling the boat position very difficult, much less effective. We cut out at 2pm for the loooong drive home.
The morning was cold & overcast, and that burned off around noon, turning into a great summer-like day.
The NOAA wind forecast proved to be VERY accurate. Next time I will pick a day with at least a 5 mph breeze.

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