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Posted by Bob on 2018-01-12 17:16:21 in reply to Re: San Luis mussel inspections posted by Bob Laskodi on 2018-01-12 10:15:14

I've had the same conversation with the Rangers. Most recognize condensation on foggy days and are pretty forgiving - except for that one ranger...

Wiping condensation down before getting to the kiosk is a good idea. Definitely make sure all the obvious stuff is OK as Dan covered in his post. And don't put your ice chest in the boat until AFTER the inspection. If it leaks, you could get bounced. if you've used your boat elsewhere within a few day, definitely run your motor trim up and down BEFORE you get to the kiosk and make sure the bilge is dry and no water at/inside drain holes.

Just apply a little common sense and you'll be fine.

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