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Posted by Adam on 2018-01-12 15:45:12 in reply to Adam - so sorry... posted by Dan Blanton on 2018-01-11 21:58:57

No problem, Dan, as the replies have given me some ideas on how to manage the flies and some other stuff. As I have credit at Bass Pro Shops, I think this bag ( should do me just fine as an alternative to using baggies. It's cheap, but looks as though it should hold enough flies, spare line, leader/tippet material at least for a couple of days. Spare reels, bug spray, some first aid stuff, sunscreen, frogToggs should easily fit into my fishing partner's dry bag.

We will be fishing in a new camp on the river's edge and the boats will be more like a row boat than the skiffs we are used to. The boats are stable, but not much room to maneuver in...will just have to stand at the bow and cast as there is no casting deck. Thinking of taking an old sheet to put on the bow to collect the stripped line. The guide's paddle and don't speak English of Spanish, and have neve guided flyfishermen; however there is a small motor used to get to the fishing spots They are new at this as only 4 or 5 groups of 6 have previously fished this area of the Colombia Amazon. I have done the Amazon about 7 times, but this will be a real adventure.

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