Re: Anyone compared a Sage X with a Z-Axis?

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Posted by ray hafsten on 2018-01-11 13:37:43 in reply to Anyone compared a Sage X with a Z-Axis? posted by EricG on 2018-01-10 16:49:13

EG: My thoughts, for me who still gets buck fever when casting to a sighted's using the rod in actual fishing conditions. Your Z-axis 9 6 works for you...the X would be as good by experimenting with lines. For me what rod and line combo works under various situations for sighted fish ie the most forgiving under buck fever conditions so far it's my 10wtTCX with Wulff 11 Shorts if wind is 10 or more...under 10kts which seems to be rare these days it's 10wt TCR with 10 Shorts or 9wt One with 9wt SA Bonefish. What "works" means under actual conditions I catch fish with it.

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