Anyone compared a Sage X with a Z-Axis?

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Posted by EricG on 2018-01-10 16:49:13

Apropos of the long 8wt shootout thread . . .

I just recently lost the top of 9'6" 8wt Z-Axis trying to pull something large out of some mangrove roots. The rod is on its way to repair-land, but it has got me thinking: do I need a new version by now?

I have really liked the Z-axis for striper lines to floating lines for redfish. Would the "X" series be a noticeable upgrade? There are some great reviews of it out there ( but I really wonder if I'd be able to tell much difference.

Probably the only way is to take a reel and the Z-Axis to a shot that has an X-series 9'6" 8wt, but if anyone has experiences or thoughts to share, that would help a lot too. Thanks! :)

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