Agua Boa Amazon Trip Report Christmas Week

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Posted by Randy Richter on 2018-01-09 22:03:39

I've wanted to see the Amazon since I was five years old, watching episodes of Wild Kingdom. I'm 51 now, and fly fishing finally got me there. We (girlfriend and I) booked a week at Agua Boa Lodge through Yellow Dog. Perfect week! Water levels were great. Fishing was extraordinary. Loved everything about peacock bass, crazy aggressive, wonderful colors, and powerhouses on short runs. Plenty of other species to be had, I managed 13 new species on fly. Learned a lot over the course of the week, probably landed 100 fish the first day. By midway through the week, was throwing much larger flies to cut down on time battling smaller fish and give bigger fish more opportunity. Magical place. Can hardly wait to get back.

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