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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2018-01-09 16:36:13 in reply to Re: Cleaning Fly Lines posted by LeeH on 2018-01-08 12:16:53

Just want to note a caveat: I never dress or clean a sinking line, at least not the sinking portion. I don't want the dressing to slow the line's sink rate down. I might clean the running line if it's a floater or even intermediate but only if it's really dirty. I haven't cleaned a Custom Cut T line with intermediate shooting line for - well, never. Once wet, shoots just fine. I do want the floaters to be clean and dressed though.

Bruce Richards, former head of SA's fly line development for decades posted here once when this discussion came up, that cleaning a fly line daily in salt water is pretty much a waste of time. That you couldn't remove all the salt and even with a slight build-up of salt, as soon as it got wet, it would get slick and the line would shoot pretty well.

I really disliked those pimply, rough lines that were supposed to shoot farther easier because of reduced line friction going through the guides. They were hard on my fingers, hard on the guides and dirt collected in the depressions like crazy and was very hard to clean off no matter what you used for a cleaner. We use to use an abrasive pad to clean them.

I like some of Bob Arwine's ideas, although I'm not to sure about the dish soap in the water in my stripping tub. I have a hard enough time hanging on to the shooting line to set the hook as it is. Old fingers... ;-) I also don't think we need any more nitrates going into our waters. Farmers are providing more than enough of those...

303 Aerospace Protectant does the job for me. I even use it to lube the shaft on my electric motor so it slides in and out very easily. Great stuff!!


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