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Posted by Craig on 2018-01-08 21:29:58 in reply to Re: Steelhead favorites and times posted by Bill Kiene on 2018-01-08 16:14:40

Hope? Next year? Until the prescribed water draw from the top of the dam to remove the rich agricultural affluent and algae changes, the eco system down stream is in collapse. Warmer waters entering the Columbia keeps migrating fish in the main river. This does not mention the disappearance of insect populations as algae covers the rver bottom. The insect diversity collapse is detrimental to any fish trying to survive in the river. The mighty "D" is no where its historical levels, yet anglers ply their craft in hopes of a near term return to its glory days. Until then, we can only hope. Check out the below for further reading. › Deschutes River Alliance › Videos

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