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Posted by Craig Smith on 2018-01-06 23:13:10 in reply to Re: 2018 8 Weight Rod Shootout Published posted by Joel n Rosenthal on 2018-01-06 21:29:26

No worries on the name.

In 2011 and 2014 Yellowstone factored sinking lines in to the testing but I think their choice of a 250gr line was light (Rio recommends 300gr line for 8wt and the Rio OBS 8wt has a 330gr head). Also it doesn't appear that the test was done on water and sinking lines cast much differently on water compared to grass. For example, can't water haul on grass so the pickup is completely different. And the on the water casting experience with these lines in flowing water (river), or Stillwater, or in the surf, or in a swell on the ocean can all be different.

Anyway I would expect them to test for a situation/condition they are familiar with, which is what they do.

There is an example from their reel shootouts where I have an opposite preference. In the shootouts they like reels that spin freely on the retrieve because it makes take-up of loose line easy. But there is a situation where this feature is not ideal. When spending a day casting shooting heads or integrated shooting tapers all day at a consistent distance, you have to strip line off the reel every few casts because the casting motion cause the spool to rotate and take up some line with each cast. This may be something they never encountered. It doesn't invalidate their preference or mine.

And they make it pretty clear that what they are presenting in these things is their opinions in the following quote from the article: "Keep in mind that what you will read here are only our opinions."

I have a couple of rods that finished in the lower half of their rankings for this shootout and I really like both of them for what I use them for. I don't feel the Shootout article invalidates what I like.

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