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Posted by Rich P on 2018-01-05 11:48:17 in reply to 2018 8 Weight Rod Shootout Published posted by Joel N Rosenthal on 2018-01-03 20:46:41

I guess I am just old school, I see some merit in both positions. I would never, well almost never, buy a rod that I haven't first test driven. In fact in the last 30 or more years the only rod I bought sight unseen was the Axiom II 6-wt on Dan's recommendation, even though I am the first to agree that a rod that works great for Dan will not necessarily work well for me. BTW - really glad I took his advice; great rod. More to the point I would use the Shoot-Out results as one source, and only one source of information. It may reveal a rod that I really wasn't considering so the next step is to go cast it. It is also a pretty good index of what is currently on the market. I am in favor of more information, not less, and then I'll make my decision. Just my $.02.

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