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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2018-01-04 23:44:23

First outing of 2018 today and what a day it was! Vaughn Willett picked me up at my place at 8:30 this morning (gentleman's hours) and we headed for San Luis Reservoir, to find the dense fog burned off, the water glass and the sun shining and warm. We ran a few minutes to a cove with some flooded trees and began picking up fish right away. Vaughn was first with a nice 6-pounder and I brought my first 2018 fish to hand a few minutes later - a dink but I was happy just having something on the score board.

I stuck with the same small, darting, Jig Hook, rear-weighted Fish Mask FT Minnow that I've been using for the last 5 trips on the lake. That same fly has now landed nearly 100 fish and is still going strong. Vaughn caught his on two different flies - a small white/tan (3-inches long) Craft fur minnow and a 2/0 all chartreuse FT Clouser style. I dubbed it the "Green Meanie". He's done well with that fly. We both were using fast-sinking lines, 30 feet of T-11 for me and I think Vaughn was using LC 13 but I'm not sure. Long counts and lots of long pauses - at least that's what worked for me.

We had a wonderful, fun spring-like day ending up with more than 25 to hand; no monsters but plenty of nice ones to put a bend in our 8-weights. Hey, most of the country is freezing their butts off and we were catching stripers on January 4th! What a great way to start off my 2018 fishing season.

Thanks for a great day on the water Vaughn! I enjoyed fishing out of the Champion!


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