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Posted by Carl Blackledge on 2018-01-04 18:34:41 in reply to Re: 2018 8 Weight Rod Shootout Published posted by Joel n Rosenthal on 2018-01-04 16:39:03


Whats wrong with me saying I like Sage rods, and I don't like Abel rods? I told you from the get go when choosing a rod It's all about what "I" like not anybody else likes or thinks about a certain rod. I actually don't care who fishes what rod or model, it only matters what suits my casting stroke.

 I tried to explain to you that what somebody else likes or dislikes about a certain rod doesn't mean a hill of beans to me.

Then when I found out that the "test" was conducted on grass not water I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Your test is a farce unless of course you fish in the grass.

Joel, we all know your making some kind of profit from this "rod shootout" ,either in a fee or free gear, Perhaps you should just leave good enough alone and move on? I am pretty sure it's very evident.

Carl Blackledge

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