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Posted by Mel Toponce on 2018-01-04 18:06:14

Lefty called me not long ago and we talked for over an hour, reliving old times. That wonderful man gave me such great advice and sent me to so many great fishing places over the years that I will never be able to thank him enough. We talked about the time he recommended Capt. Boyd Gibbons to flyfish for Allison tuna on the Challenger bank in Bermuda. I went, and Boyd chummed up a school of big Allisons right behind the boat. I threw every fly I could think of at those fish with no success. Then, I found one of Dan's Whistlers in orange color and put it on. Wham! The fight was on. That fish screamed off hundreds of yards of line in a short time and finally, after Boyd unhooked the anchor and began to chase the fish, the light (about 13 pound) leader parted. I first met Lefty when he was giving a presentation long ago at the fly shop in Los Gatos, California. He gave me some casting lessons at the time. Dan, if you are reading this, I think that was the same time that you took Lefty fishing for stripers in your tin boat. When Lefty and I concluded our conversation, he said to me, "I never thought I would live this long." God bless him, his contributions to flyfishing will probably never be matched. I hesitate to call him, as it is difficult for him to handle emails and calls these days. Does anyone know how he is doing?

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