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Posted by Joel n Rosenthal on 2017-12-30 17:08:18 in reply to Re: Costa Rica rod/line choice posted by Bill Kiene on 2017-12-30 13:16:34

We've vacationed at an eco lodge in the OSA peninsula of costa rica on three occasions in the last 10 years--right down the road from Crocodile Bay(which is in Puerto Jimenez--on the same Pacific coast, albeit way south rather than way north, as Salinas Bay)..
Aside from questioning the wisdom of taking a fishing rod on a honeymoon(lawers are trained to conjure up every imaginary horrible--I make no judgments here)-I think that if you had to choose between a 10 and a 12, the 10 is the obvious choice. And a lighter setup--8 or 9 would certainly be much preferred. When i did bring a fishing rod to the OSA, I took an 8--i wouldnt go any lighter and be sure he fishes with 40lb bite tippet.
I found my fly rod virtually useless in the OSA surf because i didnt have a casting basket, and was constantly being entwined in 50 feet of slack line.
I would recommend he take a nie 3 piece 7 foot spinning rod(Basspro sells one for $160) in the 8-17 lb size, together with a spinning reel with 14-17 lb braid or mono line and a few lures. Casting with be much more productive in that he will cover vastly more territory with his casts, with less effort, be, less time consuming, and he won't be risking any fancy gear to breakage, or break offs. My son and I did that this past spring in Guadeloupe FWI--where we fly fished one morning(he hates it, but managed the only bonefish eat) and he used a spinner in the surf the next--with much better results.(The fish illustrated is half the size of the big one that gill plate-severed the 10lb mono ten feet from capture)

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