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Posted by Bob Laskodi on 2017-12-28 12:22:13 in reply to Fly Rod in Metal Tube - TSA posted by Howard Brown on 2017-12-27 10:28:28

I have had no problems with carry-on of metal rods tubes with one caveat. Each tube will count as one carry on item each, so if you are carrying multiple tubes you have to bind/tape them together before you clear TSA to count as only one item. I have an Orvis backpack that has straps for holding two rod tubes. If I send the entire pack through TSA with the two rod tubes attached to the pack it counts as one carry on item. If I separate them for easier handling through TSA, it counts as three items and is over the carry on limit! You have to play the bureaucracy game with this! A further caution is tube length. You may not be allowed to carry on due to length limitations for your specific plane as it must fit in the overhead bin. I have had no problems carrying on with 4 piece rods but have with 2 piece rods, where I had to gate check them on a smaller commuter plane.

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