Hydroshot Portable Washer

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Posted by Tom Malech on 2017-12-27 13:21:39

Hey all,

Happy New Year!

Just thought I would share a cool gift I got from santa. The Worx Hyrdoshot is a portable, 20v lithium powered power washer. Super lightweight and can used anywhere. You can run a short hose to a 5 gallon bucket and literally be miles from a hose. For me, I used on my boat, back fence, and other places around my house. I could see a great application at the beach when you are done surf fishing, or anyplace dirty/muddy by the water. It's not super powerful, meaning you can't strip paint with it, but good enough for most cleaning situations. Thumbs up from me! https://www.worx.com/hydroshot-portable-power-cleaner-wg629.html

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