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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2017-12-27 11:23:14 in reply to Source for jig hooks posted by Dave Harper on 2017-12-27 08:39:53


Your on-line research is flawed and comes from ignorance not from actual (today's)experience. More and more fly fishers and tiers are using jig hooks for both fresh and saltwater. I certainly do. I tie all I can on the 60 degree bend jig hook. I love them for crab and shrimp patterns and I tie all my Clouser styles on them. I only use a jig hook for my FT Whistlers and FT Minnows.

I do still use a standard J hook for some patterns/species but not a fraction of what I used to use since I've been using the jig hook.

You can get great jig hooks from Umpqua - the U506 (standard wire) and the H506 (heavy). These are the hooks I'm tying on now and I love them. They are very much like the old Targus jig hooks which you can still get from the Fly Shop in Redding, their FS5444, I believe. They are exactly like the old Targus.

Gamakatsu also makes a great jig hook.

You want to be sure you use a 60 degree bend jig hook and not the 90 degree bend. The 60 degree is designed to be retrieved with the 90 is for vertical jigging. There are some applications for the 90 degree version in fly design, especially if you are going to fish the fly under an indicator.

I do suggest that if you use a fly tied on any of these hooks in saltwater that you rinse them off in fresh water at day's end. I would do this with any hook, even stainless steel.

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