Very small pram you can stand in?

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Posted by Bob R on 2017-12-26 23:42:02

Like 6ft long? I found pics of a few online like this one
Not sure if you can stand very safely in that one but some them claimed you could and had pics of a guy standing in one.
I live near Santa Cruz but does anyone know of a business, etc. even around the SF Bay Area that sells something like that size pram/dinghy?
I'm hoping to find one small enough to fit in the back of my 1997 Forerunner and I have about 6ft X 3ft10" of area. I want to be able to stand and fly fish in it if possible.
I have a small 2 man inflable boat thats 8' 4" now but it's a drag to keep inflating and assembling it. A light weight mini pram dinghy (plastic/fiberglass/aluminum?) that I could get in my vehicle would be a lot easier. Thanks for any info...

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