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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2017-12-25 14:12:23 in reply to EP Tying and Hook Size posted by Adam on 2017-12-25 13:20:18

Actually Adam, I think long-shank hooks are poor for any big game fly. They don't hold as well and foul more. Large game fish like peacock bass and most other bass species engulf the fly and long-shank hooks are not needed. You'll do much better with a standard size/proportion J hook like the Tiemco 600SP. Personally, I'd tie all my flies on the Umpqua U506 or H506 60 degree bend jig hook. Myself and Bill Blanton caught a lot of nice peacocks using flies tied on the jig hook. They hold a lot better than a J hook and they ride hook point up.

If you are going to use those long-shanked hooks, use only the rear half of the hook shank in order to help reduce wing fouling.

We used a few varieties or styles of flies: Flashtail Whistlers and Flashtail Minnows (Umpqua); long "pelado" brush flies and FT Clousers. They didn't have to be huge flies to get bit. 4 - to 5 inches overall on 3/0 size hooks.


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