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Posted by Bill Siler on 2017-12-23 11:04:59

Got home a couple weeks ago after spending a little over 2 months at Sugar Barge. Thanks again to Dave, Tracy and all the staff at SB. Been there the past 5 years in the fall and hope to return for many more.

This year was a little off for me. Had to return home several times to deal with family stuff. Even tho my RV is 20 feet from Dan, it seemed like as one of us was arriving the other was going home. We did plan a day on the water my last week but got blown out.

While not great I was able to stay on fish most of the time. Had many of my friends join me for good times. My son was able to come down 3-4 times. It was fun turning the wheel of the boat over to him, turn off the chart plotter and watch him get lost every 10 minutes.

Found my share of 4=8lb fish, but the teeners were allusive. I did boat an 11, and lost one about 15lbs. The constant this year was broken rods in the boat. Jim May snapped a Sage, my kid broke his Orvis that he won at Striperfest 3 years ago, and I blew up my beloved Loomis NRX. Thanks Loomis for covering the rod under warranty, sending me a new one on a 5 day turn around.

A few days ago my buddy Mark calls invites me to join him yesterday. He has a bass boat moored at Korths. Having your boat a 2 minute drive from you boat makes days trips way less appealing, but maybe I could knock the stink off my new NRX. We arrived at the marina at 8:00 and lord was it chilly. Water was 48 degrees and maybe a foot of visibility. Tried a couple runs and I picked up one 17" fish. Hard to strip when you can't feel your fingers. Moved to some back water and it was much clearer. I picked up a couple more, both during a long pause. During one cast I stopped stripping to enjoy the sun that had just peaked out, when I got slammed. Mark stopped stripping to watch me being put on the reel when he gets bit. Our cold, pretty much uneventful day turned in to a fire drill. After some dancing, cursing and screaming Mark boated a nice 10lber. A few minutes later a put the grab on my biggest fish of the year, a healthy 17lber. We ended up with only 5 fish but it was way worth it.

Hope to see many of you on the water next year, and Dan, save me a seat for a couple days at least.

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