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Posted by Joel Rosenthal on 2017-12-22 01:06:51 in reply to Axiom II for bonefishing posted by Bruce McAuley on 2017-12-21 23:01:59

Bruce--I have no experience with either TFO rod to which you refer, except I know from friends and the local fly shops that many consider the BVK an inexpensive decent rod, albeit prone to breakage, and I cast an Axiom a year ago and found it a somewhat unwieldy club.
That said, I can tell you what the boys at Yellowstone Angler say about the BVK and Axiom II when stacked up against the current crop of 8 wts. Having the misfortune of being an attorney, a self proclaimed world class proofreader, and the son of two English teachers, that trifecta has thrust me into the position of proofreader and occasional editor of some of the recent shootouts for Yellowstone Angler. (Do not judge my proofreading skills, please, based on my posts here--I make no serious effort to correct because i am an inept and hopelessly incompetent typist-)
A new 8 wt Shootout will be forthcoming from Yellowstone Angler in the next few weeks, and while I have not seen the drafts of the full write ups of the rods yet, I have seen the final rankings charts--both the overall rankings and the performance rankings.
In the new Shootout, both the BVK and Axiom II are ranked in these two categories--the BVK ranked 9th overall and 12th in the purely performance category, while the Axiom II ranked 20th and 22nd in those respective categories.So if Yellowstone Anglers is any guide for you, to the degree you were disappointed in their original conclusions about the BVK, given how they've ranked these two rods in the forthcoming shootout, odds are you'll like the Axiom II even less than the BVK.
The results of the 8 wt Shootout, when published, will no doubt create some controversy--each shootout always does. And George and Jamie Anderson do not claim that their word is gospel either.Each shootout , however, is a useful addition to the database from which anglers who don't have handy access to a flyshop to test each rod personally can sort out a rod that likely fits their casting style and or budget.George and Jamie have their own perspectives about how a rod should cast and what makes a good performer and they disclose those perspectives/ biases up front. Readers can then make their own judgements about whether those considerations are consistent with their own or not.I've met many anglers who swear by the shootout recommendations from their own experience, and others who just as vehemently disagree.And George and Jamie also tend to like rods they've helped develop---not so much through pride of authorship (tho they are justifiably proud of their input)or financial incentive from the manufacturers(none that I am aware of that would affect rankings), but because they designed the rods to have the actions they prefer--so those rods will tend to score higher in their tests.
Bottom line, of course, is that , with respect to the shootout, you can take it or leave it--and as your own experience illustrated, you can't judge a rod until you've cast it. If you're hell bent on trying the Axiom II just order it from a shop that will allow you to return it(if you don't live near a brick and mortar shop)and cast if for a bit--you should know pretty quickly if it's what you want..if not, return it--you'll only be out the return postage--a smaller loss than if you're stuck paying for a rod that is a disappointment from the get go.
I am about to do that with sunglasses-I will be ordering Maui Jims, Oakleys, Smiths and Costas from big box stores with no questions asked return policies and taking them all out on the flats one day-to see if any one of them outperforms my locally made generic polarized vermillion glacier glasses.At most only one pair will not be sent home....You can do the same with rods-

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