Axiom II for bonefishing

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Posted by Bruce McAuley on 2017-12-21 23:01:59

Has anyone had any experience with the TFO Axiom II for bonefishing?

I bought a TFO BVK 8 wt last year on the strength of the review in the Yellowstone Angler 2016 8wt shootout where it tied for 4th out of 20 rods (some 3x in price) and rated 9/10 in "fun to fish - got to have."

I took it on a saltwater trip to Grand Bahama - I was somewhat disappointed given the rather glowing review. It did not outperform a TFO TiCR X or Sage Z axis - the other 2 rods that I took. It was adequate but not "great" as I had hoped. The rod is fine up to about 50 feet but does not seem to be stiff enough in the butt or mid section to easily deliver the fly further - especially into the wind. Some rods are a pleasure to fish, this rod did not quite achieve that distinction for me.

I am wondering if the Axion II will be noticeably more fun to fish. Any thoughts?

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