Delta Catchin' 11/ 29-30 12/01

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2017-12-01 21:00:42

Wednesday really worked for me solo. Twenty-six Stripers three LMBs to the boat. Like last week I caught the largest Striper with a 3-D Char/white Clouser. This girl was a real powerhouse. She blasted the fly and did not slow down until the entire fly line and about fifty yards of backing left the reel. I was following her up current with the trolling motor on "10" on both the first and second runs. The third run was just the back of the head and the running line. The total fight lasted a little over twenty minutes. Thursday I had the opportunity to take out my buddies Dennis and his wife Suzan. We boated six Stripers and two LMBs total. We all caught fish which was fun. Friday with Larry. I made the decision to go way out West in fog that was at times crazy thick. GPS mapping is nice when you are driving your boat "IFR" for many miles. Anyway, my decision did not pan out as far as the catching went. Only five Stripers to the boat. We should have stayed mid Delta. So check out the photos of Wednesday. The big one had something that I have never seen before...

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