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Posted by Phil K on 2017-11-12 14:15:17 in reply to Sonar / Fish finder for float tube Inquiry posted by Perry DiBenedetto on 2017-11-11 18:52:02


I tube out at San Luis and O'Neill with my bro often. I have used the Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140c for the last 4 years and overall it has been good to me. I believe it is discountinued now but the MAX DI has caught my attention. Getting the right sensitivity dialed in help out tremendously. It can be tough at times differentiating bait from underwater trees/ brush if you down know what the structure is down there. The MX DI should help identify structure better. I don't trust the side scanner unless I'm in at least 12ft of water and there are no weeds or other structure around, which happens in the flats a lot at the forebay. I'll usually hold the unit along with my rod in one hand as I launch and once I get into about 3ft of water, the 2ft transducer doesn't get in the way. Like Dan said, if weeds get on it, just lift it out of the float tube holder and set it back down while moving and the weeds usually come out. Sometimes it's a pain if you're trying to navigate through the dense weeds that use to be in the forebay. Always take an extra set of batteries out on your tube. I find that they usually last in my unit about 2 full fishing days which are usually sun up to sun down for me.

If you are opposed to the fishin buddy like my brother, I found him a mount that allowed him to repurpose his Garmin gps/fish finder from his boat. These units allow you to mount any fish finder you want up to a 5" screen. He has the advantage of easily locating structure utilizing his GPS. This device allows you to mount the finder on top of the included battery box which is connected to your tube by a strap that also mounts the transducer. Have a look: 5ah 4.5 Float Tube Mount Kit - up to 5" screens
a single charge with these lasts a whole day for him but it varies depending on the type of unit you have.

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