Delta Catchin' 11/ 10 - 11

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2017-11-10 21:29:04

Thursday mid Delta. 18 Stripers 6 were over 20 inches. 5 inch 3-D Clousers Char/White with 3/4 inch pulse discs. Fast sinking line...Solo. MAN did I get hammered with a number of down pours and gusty "W" associated with well developed cells. I was thinking that I was not doing very well until I was out with Larry today. We started way out West hitting all of the HPS that have been working during the last couple of weeks...Mainly ZIP..5 Stripers total for the day. We had some strong rain and gusty "W" to the point that it was not safe to be casting. So, for perhaps the second time in the last 15 years we bailed and was at the dock(about a 40 minute ride)before 2PM. Stripers are always on the move. We just couldn't find their new addresses today.

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