Re: Shooting head weight for TFO Axiom II 8wt.?

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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2017-11-08 19:39:07 in reply to Shooting head weight for TFO Axiom II 8wt.? posted by Bob McCollum on 2017-11-08 18:42:43


I've used T-14 heads on 8-weight rods for a long time and I use 28 feet (392 grains) for all my 8-weight rods regardless of make and that length works great. I'm casting 30 feet of RIO Outbound Custom Cut T-11 (330 grains) on my Axiom II 6-weight and it casts like a dream. Wanda Taylor was using my Axiom II 8-weight this weekend and it was lined with a RIO Outbound Short type 6 which has a 30-foot head and is about 2-1/2 weights heavy from the factory - typical for shooting heads to be about 2 weights up-lined over a full length line.

Of course you can start with the T-14 at 30 feet and cut back a foot at a time until it feels good to you; but I'm sure 28-feet will be just about right. That length casts well, won't dump and fishes brilliantly.


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