Delta Catchin' 11/6 - 7

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2017-11-07 21:53:40

I had the opportunity to introduce my neighbor to the Delta Monday. He indicated that the had been fly fishing for about 15 years so I thought OK lets go catch a few.....Well, I forgot to ask what his back ground in fly fish was. This was a mistake on my part. At our first stop I stripped off about 50 feet of line then put it into the casting bucket. I handed the rod to him and his first cast was perhaps 15 feet. During the day he told me that his fly fishing had been on 15 to 20 foot wide creeks and float tubing trout in lakes while kicking backwards and trailing line behind him. Well... he hug in there all day and was able to put up with my help without complaining once. I was impressed that he was able to cast around 25 feet by the end of the day. He did get one Striper tug during the day, which triggered a slow trout lift set. No Striper to the boat. I caught 2 Stripers one was about 14 inches and the other was 23 inches. I had him take the rod while the larger Striper was on and he was impressed with how Stripers pull harder than Trout...During the day I made fewer than 10 casts. On our way back to Manteca,he committed to start practicing casting and I told him I would help to get him up to speed for the Delta. He had no idea of the beauty and size of the Delta.. I am looking forward to helping him become a better caster.. Tuesday with Larry 28 Stripers 1 LMB. Four double hook ups. Twelve of these Stripers were over 5 pounds. Larry had a Salmon tag his fly while it was about 2 inches under the water. The part of this that could have been very interesting was that his rod was resting on top of his casting bucket at the time.... Missed a bullet!! HA!!

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