Delta Yesterday with Wanda Taylor

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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2017-11-06 08:23:08

Awakened to a beautiful, clear sky morning and looking forward to another fun day on the water with Wanda Hair Taylor. We got off the dock about 8:30 and headed to a hopeful spot. We didn't score many stripers there but Wanda started slamming the LMB. She got a couple of nice ones too. We didn't go west today because it was a bit too breezy but we found fish most places I stopped on. Ended up with 15 or so fish and as usual Wanda kicked my but, not only with the most fish but with the largest too. It's always such a blast fishing with her. She gets excited catching a mess of weeds. lots of giggles and happy laughing with that lady. Fishing tomorrow with Noel de Guzman. Got to get up a bit earlier to meet him at the Orwood launch ramp but looking forward to fishing with him in his new skiff - Humminbird Helix 10s fore and aft. Can't wait! Oh, fresh delta-grown tomatoes for sandwiches tomorrow...

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