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Posted by Noel de Guzman on 2017-11-05 16:30:13

Striperfest '17 was exceptional. New faces, die-hard regulars and the return of Wanda Hair Taylor made for another great Striperfest last night. And, it was great seeing Dan Blanton at full strength and back on the Delta after his heart surgery.

We got in a groove after a while, processing everyone at registration, in time for an excellent BBQ provided by none-other than Sugar Barge RV Resort & Marina. Our very own, long time venue, Sugar Barge re-opened their restaurant last year, and so, it was their turn to feed us this year. With the bar set pretty high by our former catering provider, Sugar Barge still hit it straight outta the park over center field. Ribs, chicken, brisket, mac salad and more were willingly shoveled down our throats. It was that good.

Wanda graced us with her presence and the hype is real. She is an incredible person sharing her passion for angling with breast cancer survivors, military veterans... and all the while she is also putting the smack down on some record breaking fish! She gets a free Striperfest hat and t-shirt, for sure!

As you already know by now, the donors didn't disappoint, they never have. They donated enough goodies to stock a shop with inventory for a solid chunk of time. And in lock step, our attendees this year really brought it and put their money where their mouth is, all in the name of conserving the CA Delta, its fishery and promoting youth fly fishing.

With consultation from Ric D. Rudgers, super angler and veteran raffle event organizer with Ducks Unlimited, the raffle was tweaked a little here and tweaked a little there and by-golly, I got nothing but super positive feedback about the format and pace of the raffle.

Then there was the swap meet! I'm not sure it ever got off the ground. We had to push it to the back of the program, outside and around the corner where the cats piss. I left all my gear at home, due to a shortage of synapse activity and I think Doc Cedar was the only other one, besides me, looking forward to it. Great idea though. Maybe next time.

I really enjoyed my annual visit to the Striperfest, especially at the end when I was able to relax and chit chat. A great time, per usual. So, once again, I want to thank everyone who pitched in, making Striperfest 2017 yet another highly successful fundraising effort:
-All the donors (See
-All the attendees
-Matt Havelock and crew: Julie Havelock and John Ryzanych
-Sugar Barge and crew: Tracy Venable, Dave Riggs and crew
-Wanda Hair Taylor
-Ric Rudgers
-Volunteers: Nigel Robson, Dan Carver, Bob Woznicki, Bill Beckett, Lee Haskin, Bill Martin, Tony Serpa, Steve Boyle, Jay Remly, Barry Williams

We're on for the first Saturday of November next year! Until then, maybe I'll see you on the Delta.

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