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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2017-11-03 13:44:28

Thursday I had the opportunity to have a chance meeting with Warden - Sean Kenaday in the B&W parking lot. I was impressed with his background and knowledge of the Delta and several other topics... to me, he was a good guy. Poaching in the Delta is a huge problem. I was granted permission to provide his contact information to the Blanton forum group, which follows. It is important to understand he works in the Rio Vista area so he is the contact in that area only. So, if you are motivated to help and you witness poaching happening do as much of the following as possible and contact him. Get the CF numbers off the boat, if in a parking lot get the license plate numbers, if the boat moves off, take note of the direction is was travelling, note boat color motor type and if possible provide a detailed description of the person or people in the boat. The contact information: Warden Sean Kenady (916) 217 9756 -- Sean.kenady@wildlife.ca.gov -- Rio Vista area..

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