Delta Catch'in 10/31 -- 11/1 - 2

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2017-11-02 21:54:58

Tuesday with my bro in law Larry. 12 Stripers several of them were 5 plus pounders. We were mostly out West all day long. In one area we had the fish finder screen totally filled up with fish for a couple hundred yards. I have never seen this many fish on a screen. Totally unbelievable... I was going to take a photo of the screen.. BUT all the GPS information would have been too much to broadcast to the world...HA!! Besides they were ALL LIPLOCKED!! Wednesday with Larry and my gear/new fly fisher buddy Ed. We went West again however, had a hard time finding Stripers. We did have the good luck to locate a rather dense group of Stripers on a shoal in about seven feet of water. Larry and I with flies and Ed with a crank bait. We had four triple hook ups and four double hook ups. These Stripers were all from three to six pounds.. During one of the triple hook ups the Stripers made the decision cross our lines. This prompted Larry to yell, "Every Man For Himself". We were all happy not to be bested by these rascals...HA! So, twenty Stripers and one eight pound Salmon. Today solo. Twenty-eight Stripers the largest was perhaps six pounds. You may have noticed that it is common for me to BARK about the weather predictions not being correct on Windfinder. Well, they were off today. The big plus was they predicted a fairly good amount of "W" today and there was very low "W" all day...BONUS

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