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Posted by Noel de Guzman on 2017-11-02 08:41:04 in reply to The best delta topwater fly.. posted by Meng Syn on 2017-11-01 17:22:57

I've never fished peacock bass, but I know that the louder pop and commotion get them going.

I have fished stripers and I've caught fish on the crease fly (my fly and Leo Gutterrez's), the gurgler (my fly using Lee Haskin's foam), my fly, the NPD Diver, which is a diving fly, and while I've never fished Charlie Bisharat's Pole Dancer, I have fished the zara spook in the past.

I caught my biggest fish (a 30+lb, a 27 lb and several double digit) on my NPD Diver fly (; however, I think the walk the dog action will consistently catch quality stripers. So, kudos to Bisharat for giving us fly flingers the opportunity to fish a true topwater walk the dog pattern, the Pole Dancer.

These days, ripping a crease fly or gurgler through a pod of shad eating stripers will get bit, but if I'm hunting for bigger fish, I'll throw my big NPD Diver or a walk the dog pattern.

One thing to consider is fishing a waking fly, especially one that walks the dog, with a floating line just below the surface! You still get all the exciting surface commotion that a fish creates when eating or slashing at the fly. It's my current addiction!

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